The Development Of Video Slots

It seems attractive remarkable that its over 100 years ago.The very primary slot machine called the ‘Liberty Bell’ was launch. There are not a lot of us who have not played on a ‘one arm bandit’. Some time in our lives whether that is online at one of the new UK slot sites or even at an arcade when children on holiday.

Certainly the main changes we have seen have

Certainly the main changes we have seen have occurred throughout the late 1970’s up till today.  That is largely down to the huge technical advancements we have seen.Including a more consistent and widely reachable internet connection.

Today what we see as slots games (especially online) keep some of the independence of those previous games.But they also play very another way audacity particular features, bonus games. Prize pots that would make the earlier lovers of the game eyes water.

It was way back in 1897

It was way back in 1897 that one Charles August Fey who was a car mechanic form San Francisco fantasy the ‘Liberty Bell’ which had four signs on three reels.

Over the next few years or so some new company begin to produce games. That were very similar to the ‘Liberty Bell’ and the order for new games was elevated.

When in 1909 prohibiting came

When in 1909 prohibiting came into force the slot producer were hit attractive hard as the anti-betting campaigner manage to get. The games barred from San Francisco, Nevada and lastly the whole of California saw the prohibit.

It wasn’t until 1964 that we say ‘Money Honey’ by Bally with its electronic innards quite than springs. This game also had lights, sounds and the choice to bet multiple coins and a hopper for coins.

1975 was the year that the first video slot machine

1975 was the year that the first video slot machine hit the slots floors.It was Walt Farley who made-up the ‘Fortune Coin’ video screen game. Amusingly it was not that accepted as players proved to be doubtful about. The technology, with disbelieve over the virtual reels being widespread.

In 1976 (yes that long ago) IGT saw the probable of the video slot game and purchased. The Fortune coin manufacturer using that knowledge to release a whole crowd of new games. The company grew to be the second main slot producer who focused on the video roll slots.

The rise in fame of Video Poker

The rise in fame of Video Poker happen in 1979 and that really caused the video slot games. Take off as player’s simply respected video poker.This led to the manufacturers introduce the first wave of video slot machines.

From 1980 onward, we have seen leaps and bounds in innovation and technological advancement which have led to the video slot attractive an extremely popular and potentially profitable pastime with linked progressives, bonus games and all sorts of other particular features being added to our games.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a video slot that does not have some sort of free spins slots. On present as well as some incredible themes of the entire font we know and love so much.

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