Five Betting Superstitions From Regarding The World

People believe in God or analogous higher power. Whenever someone’s in mess, scared or just want something explicit to happen, like fleeting exams in first class or landing a selling deal, people always pray or do some ritual to get the success.

People have different attitude and superstitions; some people wear a testing color of clothes or have many jewels on their fingers, others change their names or add or remove a letter or two.

This seems to go to great level before elections, important sports match or live performances in front of thousands of people.

And betting world is no alien to this superstition. While there are many beliefs these players seem to follow to get their greatest lucks, some are famous and are followed severely. Let’s see what these superstitions are.

Wearing Red Clothes

Red is thought as a lucky color in China. It brings the good fortune and happiness in one’s life. People often wear Red on New Year in UK.

This faith is continued in the gaming world as well. The slots players in China steadfastly believe it and often wear red clothes that will bring them good luck. In fact, many people wear red underwear as that is the best way careful to bring out the good luck.

Unlucky Number 13

Many of us think that the number 13 is not good. Well Las Vegas, the betting capital follows this false notion seriously. You wouldn’t find a single 13th floor in any slots in Sin City, because of the theoretical bad luck the number 13 brings.

Cursing At The Roulette Ball

If you visit any slots, you would find it strange when the players pledge at Roulette Ball just before it stops.

This is an odd superstition that will make you many weird looks particularly when you are playing in live slots. But it is spread through online casino games world that if you blight at the Roulette Ball before it stops spinning, probability are it might land on your wager number.

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Journey Legs While Playing

Many people have a habit of trip their fingers for good luck. But in the betting world, doing that with your legs will be huge bad luck.

It is supposed that if you cross your legs and your arms while you are playing, you are jamming your good luck accidentally. So beware and keep this in mind whenever you play in slots next time.

Playing Near Dogs

We all have heard this many times that the dog is man’s best friend, but not when it comes to betting. Apparently, gambling near the dogs is careful to be bad luck. So next time you go for gaming, don’t bring your dog with you, no stuff how much you love him.

So these are some popular superstition around the world that slots players often follow. Next time you visit an online slot sites; see if any of these things help you get some good fortune.

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